> Activities
  • Communications with People
  • Nuclear symposium opened for the general populace
    Interacted with local residents regarding nuclear issues
    Interacted with specialists such as doctors and media people
    Appointed and leveraged nuclear ambassador
  • Enhanced Next Generation’s Understanding on Nuclear Matters
  • School visits for lectures about nuclear issues
    Teacher training on the functions of nuclear power conducted
    Mentoring program for university students conducted
    Science lab performance “Nuclear Science Concert”
    Dimensional book “Nuclear Power, Green Energy that Saves Earth” published
    Developed nuclear training kit
    Nuclear challenge project challenge commenced
  • International Collaboration
  • Enhanced information exchange and collaboration with WiN Global
    Networking with female international nuclear specialists
    Opened WiN Global annual meeting
  • CSR
  • Support for teenage family heads
    Sharing and community service
    Offering of scholarships to foster the next generation of nuclear specialists
  • Enhanced Women’s Competency in Nuclear Sector
  • Set as role models and conducted leadership enhancement programs
    Conducted education trainer programs to enhance the next generation’s understanding about nuclear issues
    Conducted programs to enhance interaction capabilities
  • 두산중공업
  • 한국전력공사
  • 한국수력원자력
  • 한국원자력안전기술원
  • 한국원자력환경공단
  • 한국전력기술
  • 한국원자력연료
  • 한국원자력의학원
  • 한국원자력통제기술원
  • 한국원자력연구원
  • 산업통상자원부
  • 과학기술정보통신부