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  • Purpose
  • This organization has as its ultimate objective the development of national nuclear power by pursuing the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the enhancement of its safety through research in the nuclear field and the fostering of women with expertise in nuclear issues. This organization seeks to establish the basis on which the nuclear industry can develop by increasing the understanding and awareness of people; and it also will strive to promote its ties and collaboration with Women in Nuclear Global (WiN Global).
  • Logo
  • 두산중공업
  • 한국전력공사
  • 한국수력원자력
  • 한국원자력안전기술원
  • 한국원자력환경공단
  • 한국전력기술
  • 한국원자력연료
  • 한국원자력의학원
  • 한국원자력통제기술원
  • 한국원자력연구원
  • 산업통상자원부
  • 과학기술정보통신부